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Pre/Post Operation Treatment

Once a patient is diagnosed with Cancer, it is always advisable to consult Ayurveda doctor before undergoing surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy. We at Ashutosh Cancer Care help our patients by supportive Ayurvedic treatments for cancer like Rasayanas and other Ayurvedic Medicines.

Most of the time patient suffers alot while undergoing cancer treatments or surgeries; specially with side effects like Diarrhoea, Loss of Appetite, Stomatitis, Burning Sensation, Fever, Weakness and Loss of Weight. Hence Pre / Post operation treatment is essential to all cancer patients; depending on their health status.

Our Ayurvedic medicines help to reduce our patients to recover fast from any side effects of pain. Dr. Hiren Raval has vast experience in treating cancer patients and gained expertise in Ayurvedic line of treatment to improve appetite, promote digestion and relive other associated symptoms.

Some of the Benefits of Our Pre / Post Operation Treatment
  • Improve Blood Count & Remove Toxicities in Blood
  • Maintain Haemoglobin, WBC Count & Platelets
  • Boost Immunity
  • Reverse the Cancerous process

Ayurved Medicines are the best agents to clean your body off the toxins and rebalancing the body after Cancer Surgery. Our cancer treatment will surely aid in restoring the health and improve your quality of life. Book an appoint with Dr. Raval to check which Ayurveda treatment will work for you.

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