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 It is best concept that “Pregnancy Should be by our choice not by only chance.” Ayurveda science consider that getting a child is as equivalent as planting a plant, for which we need essential condition. This essential condition are achieved by below mentioned steps.

Preconceptional Garbha

1.       Beej Suddhi

The genetics type of Father and mother decide the Physical and Mental constitute of the baby. Baby’s Physical and Mental development is thus dependent on parents. In Ayurveda Science it is recommended to parents doing the detoxification and purification procedure before conceive baby to get healthy Ovum and Sperm. Its is known by research that inappropriate fertilization of ovum and sperm may cause 80% to 90% Abortion. Garbhasanskar Procedure is thus helpful in prevention of abortion and also conditions like hereditary disease, congenital anomalies etc by improving Ovum and sperm quality. 

2.       Rutu Suddhi

Rutu means Season or Atmosphere. When we plant Our Seed in field it is needed good atmosphere for its growth like water, Heat, Soil, Air etc. In GarbhaSanskar procedure Ovum and Sperm are like Seeds which are needed Good Rutu (Body condition) like harmony of bio cycle, proper level of hormones and other body conditions. Garbhasanskar treatment lead to proper life style changes and required medication and treatment to achieve this harmony in bio cycle. 

3.       Kshetra Suddhi

Kshetra Means Part, Area. Every seed needed particular Soil for its growth When we plant our seeds in proper Soil (Kshetra) it will flourished easily. In GarbhaSanskar Procedure we prepare Mother ‘s Reproductive Body part like Vagina, Uterus, Fallopion Tube, Ovary, Breast etc  AsKshetra (Area, Part) to achieve proper nourishment and growth of child. 

4.       Ambu Suddhi

  Ambu means Water, Fluid. Every seed needed proper amount of water for its growth. When we provide proper amount of water (Ambu) to seed it will be flourished easily. In Garbhasanskar procedure we are make sure that proper nourishment is given to child while it is in womb.Its will remove threats of low birth weight, Anemia, loss of Fluid in womb by assuring proper nutrition.

All the above 4 Suddhi are done by planning Proper Panchakarma Therapy (Detoxification Procedure) like

Dipan , Pachan, Snehan, Swedan, Vaman, Virechan, Basti, Nasya for Mother and Father.

Who can be Benificial of GarbhSanskar?

  • Newly Married couples
  • Couples planning for a baby
  • Expected mothers who want to design their dreams
  •  Parent Having hereditary disease
  • Couples suffering from infertility
Preconceptional Garbha
Pre Conceptional GarbhaSanskar
Post Conceptional GarbhaSanskar
Sootika Paricharya
Post Natal GarbhaSanskar