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Post Natal GarbhaSanskar also known as (Sootika Paricharya)

Sootika Paricharya

         Ayurveda science have developed specific regime, diet and life style after delivery for mother. Ayurveda texts mentioned that after delivery mother’s body become very weak and prone to many diseases, so proper medication, diet and life style give recovery from this condition. 

Who can be Benificial of GarbhSanskar?

  • Newly Married couples
  • Couples planning for a baby
  • Expected mothers who want to design their dreams
  •  Parent Having hereditary disease
  • Couples suffering from infertility
Preconceptional Garbha
Pre Conceptional GarbhaSanskar
Post Conceptional GarbhaSanskar
Sootika Paricharya
Post Natal GarbhaSanskar