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Post Conceptional GarbhaSanskar also known as (GarbhiniParicharya)



Garbhasanskar have very important role from first day of Conceive Baby. Pregnancy health is very important condition it called Dauhridya (Two Heart) condition in Ayurveda because mother have to nurturing two lives. Ayurveda have special plan of Diet and life style to fulfill need of both mother and child.

1. Masanumasik Aahar :-

                Ayurveda science have developed special diet plan for pregnant woman as per month. Every month child needed special ingredient as per development of different organ and body parts. Ayurvedic  Masanumasik Ahara plan ensure that proper nutrition is provided to mother for development of child.

2. yog and Pranayam :-

                Yoga and Pranayam helps mother to develop body for laboured child birth. Mother have to go through many body changes during this 9 months and as child grow body required more energy and stamina. Yoga and pranayama provide body strength, more oxygen supply, strengthen abdominal and chest muscle, increase power of pelvic flor muscle to bear child weight, and it can easily lead to normal delivery.

3.  Meditation with Garbhsamvad :-

Garbhasamvad is technique in which Mother make connection with child and communicate with baby. Mother give positive vibrations, good feeling, inspiration thoughts to child during Meditation with help of Garbhasamvad.

4.  Music :-

Music is a form of vibration which we feel from our ears. Child in womb can not see anything but listen everything from there. Music therapy can improve the unborn baby’s reflexes. Movement, mental stimulations and responses. Music give calming and positive response on pregnant woman. Music improve development of brain and ear. Mantra chanting generate vibration of sound waves which promotes fetus development.

5.  Reading During Pregnancy :-

                Good reading can develop excellent virtues in the child. Spiritual books like Geeta, Rmayan bring divine energy for soul. Biography of freedom fighters, scientist, leaders develop inspirational and motivation qualities. This virtue developed during pregnancy have life time effect of child’s future development.

Who can be Benificial of GarbhSanskar?

  • Newly Married couples
  • Couples planning for a baby
  • Expected mothers who want to design their dreams
  •  Parent Having hereditary disease
  • Couples suffering from infertility
Preconceptional Garbha
Pre Conceptional GarbhaSanskar
Post Conceptional GarbhaSanskar
Sootika Paricharya
Post Natal GarbhaSanskar