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Dr. Hiren Raval (Speciality – Panchakarma and Cancer care)

Dr. Hiren Raval  is an eminent Ayurvedic Practitioner in Vijapur (North Gujarat) who has cured thousands of patients who were suffering from diseases including the so called incurable diseases labeled by modern science.

He comprehends patient’s profile, constitution (Prakriti) and clinical history before suggesting any treatment. He take care to redo your treatment plan so it tackles your special issue. Disease is destroyed from the root and not simply treated at the manifestation level.
He investigates every single case with quite a bit of individual touch and determinations the malady with extraordinary exactness and accuracy. He endorses most reasonable medication and offer helpful dietary guidance and the required safety measures that likewise go far to discover dependable wellbeing answer for a medical issue.

He has treated patients across India and abroad in his 10+years of practice, and is continuing to deliver the authentic Ayurvedic healing experiences to his patients daily.
Treatment is accessible for different sicknesses like Cancer, Kidney Failure, Liver Failure Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Spine disorder, Ulcer, Sinusitis, Skin diseases, Infertility, diseases in children & women, Panchkarma and endocrinal diseases such as Diabetes, Thyroid many other general afflictions.

He is main Director Of Ashutosh Ayurvedam Panchkarma  Hospital since 2016.

Speciality – Ayurvedic Medicine

Qualifications – MD (Panchkarma)

Practicing  – Since 2007

Languages – Hindi , English, Gujarati,

“Life (ayu) is the combination (samyoga) of body, senses, mind and reincarnating soul. Ayurveda is the most sacred science of life, beneficial to humans both in this world and the world beyond.”

Dr. Gargi Raval (Speciality - Sterility and Gynec disorder)

She has been part for Ashutosh Ayurvedam Panchkarma Hospital at Vijapur for a long time. She is a specialist in beat conclusion (Nadi Parikshan), and Prakriti-vikriti examination.

Her range of abilities involves helping her patients reestablish harmony of their profile energies through Nasya–Nasal treatment, Sneha Vasti–Oil purification treatment, Kashaya Vasti–Herbal bowel purge treatment, Shirovasti, Uttara Vasti, Udvartana, Karna Poorana, Kavala-Gandusha, Sarvanga Dhara, Netra Vasti, and different treatments.

She is additionally among the couple of experts who can play out an Uttar Basti for gynecological issues and infertility (in men and women).

Other than treating ailments, She rehearses preventive and remedial ayurveda alongside the multidimensional estimations of yoga. Moreover She instructs ayurveda to experts of the Ashutosh Ayurvedam Panchkarma Hospital.

Speciality – Ayurvedic Medicine

Qualifications – BAMS

Practicing  – Since 2010

Languages – Hindi , English, Gujarati,