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Garbhasanskar is a Ayurvedic Science in which Desired baby is Nurtured in the womb before its born.

Garbha Means – womb and Sanskar Means to nurture, to educate etc.

In Garbhasanskar procedure we educate parents to get desired quality like healthy, Brilliant, Beautiful, Merciful, in child.

In Garbhadhansanskar there are mainly three Sanskar include like:-

  1. Garbhadhansanskar (Done for Both Mother and Father To conceive baby after going through proper treatment)
  2. PumsavanSanskar (Done on Mother to stabilized womb after she conceive)
  3. Simantonayan Sankar (Done to child right after Birth)

Ayurveda Science believed that every child start learning right from womb. Our ancient books are full of such example like Abhimanyu, Shivaji Maharaj, Bhakta Prahlad, Maharana Pratap , Shivaji Maharaj , Swami Vivekanand etc whose mothers give them particular knowledge in Womb. Modern Science also except from research that baby start learning from womb and maximum physical and mental both developments are occurring during this precious 9 months. GarbhaSanskar treatment make special efforts to make maximum growth of baby’s body and Sense during this period. 

Who can be Benificial of Garbhasanskar?

  • Newly Married couples
  • Couples planning for a baby
  • Expected mothers who want to design their dreams
  •  Parent Having hereditary disease
  • Couples suffering from infertility
Preconceptional Garbha
Pre Conceptional GarbhaSanskar
Post Conceptional GarbhaSanskar
Sootika Paricharya
Post Natal GarbhaSanskar