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Once your cancer treatment is done like chemo therapy or radiation therapy, it often cause side effects. Such post cancer treatment complications are problems that occur when cancer treatment affects healthy tissues or organs. You can visit Ashutosh Cancer Care and speak up about any side effects you have, or any changes you notice in your body, so our health care team will help you to reduce such complications.

Some of the cancer treatment complications can be one or more (but not limited to) from the list below:

  • Bleeding and Bruising
  • Edema
  • Fatigue
  • Fertility Issues in Men / Women
  • Hair Loss
  • Infection and Neutropenia
  • Nerve Problems
  • Sexual Health Issues
  • Sleep Problems
  • Urinary and Bladder Problems

Our doctor at Ashutosh Ayurvedam Panchkarma Hospital  Dr. Hiren Raval has experience of treating over 15000 cancer patients and he has vast knowledge of cancer treatment complication that can occur and can help you to overcome such issues with natural and ayurvedic way. With ayurvedic treatments you can revive from treatment complications and live healthy life again.

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