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What is Agnikarma?

The word Agnikarma consists of ‘Agni’ +‘Karma’ i.e. Heat + Procedure.

As stated by Shushrut Acharya in Ayurvedic books, Agnikarma treatment is a part of para-surgical procedure that involves inflicting micro burns on the surface of the tissue that is causing the pain.


What are the tools used in Agnikarma?

The tools used for Agnikarma (Cauterization) is depend upon various disease condition. There are some examples as below: –

* For diseases of Twak Dhatu (skin):

Pippali, Ajashakrit (Excreta of goat), Godanta (Cows teeth), Shara (Arrow head), Shalaka (Metal rod) – LohaShalaka i.e. made of Iron

* For diseases present in Mamsa Dhatu (muscle):

Jambavoushta: a piece of black stone made like a Jambuphala (fruit of Syzygiumcumini, Eugenia jambolana Lam), Rods of other metals like Tamra, Rajata etc are used.

* For diseases of Sira, Snayu, Sandhi and Asthi Dhatus (vessels, ligaments, joints and Bones):

Kshaudra or Madhu (Honey), Guda (Jaggery), Sneha- Ghrita, Taila, Vasa and Majja.

Suitable Time for Agnikarma (Agnikarma Kala):

Thermal cautery can be done in all season, except Sharat (autumn) and Grishma (summer).

How does Agnikarma help to relieve the pain?

In Agnikarma the Agni from the stove/gas flames is taken by Shalaka and it becomes red hot.

Then this Agni(heat) is transferred from the Shalaka to the Dushya-Dhatu (skin).

The time taken for this transfer of heat is two to three seconds.

This procedure increases the circulation of blood flow to the affected site of disease.

Agnikarma rise the temperature of diseases area and by this the rate of metabolic activities are increases.

Agnikarma also stimulates the local nerves of the area which help in pain relief and also improve movement of the part.

This procedure induces all the cell activities to go up including dilation of vessels, Synthesis, Motility and release pain relief chemical mediators.

This condition eliminates inflammation at area and thereby get relieving from the pain and other symptoms.

What are all the diseases treated by Agnikarma?
  •  Painful conditions of bones and joints.
  •  Joint stiffness
  •  Muscle spasm
  • Tennis elbow
  • Calcaneal spur
  •  Plantar fasciitis
  •  Osteoarthritis
  •  Headache
  •  Sciatica
  •  Early stages of Hernia
  •  To remove the wart
  •  To excise the corn from the heel
  •  To excise the external piles
  •  Disc prolapses
  •  Low back ache
  •  Trigger thumb
  • Use full to excise the mucocele of lip, tongue etc
  • Use full to excise some extra growths of skin and muscle
  • Useful for the excision of fistula tracks, etc.