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1. Which of these are common symptoms of backache?

  1. Pain in the back and around the hips
  2. Reduction in the flexibility of spine
  3. Difficulty in sleeping
  4. All of the above

Answer – D: All of the above

A backache is a common health issue which affects middle-aged and elderly individuals, but sometimes, young people are also affected by it. Back pain can also cause various other symptoms such as pain in or around the hips and reduced flexibility of the spine. It can occur due to improper diet, muscle tension, excessive physical toil, arthritis and several other disorders. Daily activities become a difficulty when you suffer from backache and therefore, it is advised to seek out for natural remedies for reducing the pain and inflammation.

2. According to Ayurveda, which of these natural ingredients can aid in reducing pain and inflammation in the back?

  1. Ginger
  2. Green Chili
  3. Salt
  4. Tomatoes

Answer – A: Ginger

Ginger root, which is used for curing different health disorders, is also utilized for the treatment of back pain. There are numerous anti-inflammatory compounds present in ginger which offers a quick relief from back pain. You can apply the ginger paste on the affected area without rubbing. Use eucalyptus oil after that to soothe the area, and the pain is expected to subside within a week or two. Taking ginger tea on a regular basis can also help in reducing pain and inflammation.

3. Basil leaves can come to your rescue when you are suffering from back pain.

  1. True
  2. False

Answer – A: True

Basil leaves have a remarkable impact on reducing the pain and inflammation in various parts of the body including the back portion. You will have to add 8 to 10 basil leaves in a cup of water and heat it till it reduces to half. Allow it to cool at room temperature, and you can drink this concoction for mild to moderate back pain. In case you are suffering from severe pain, Ayurveda suggests you drinking the basil leaves mixture twice or thrice a day. Some people are allergic to basil leaves, and if this is the case with you, you should avoid basil leaves.

4. Garlic can be taken in various ways to reduce the pain and inflammation of the back.

  1. True
  2. False

Answer – A: True

Garlic is not just a kitchen ingredient but a good Ayurvedic remedy that is used for treating back pain. You can simply chew two to three cloves of garlic on an empty stomach to reduce your back pain. For preparing garlic oil, heat a little amount of sesame or coconut oil and add around 10 cloves of garlic until it is brown. Now strain it and allow it to cool down to room temperature. Massaging this oil gently on the affected area can help in healing the back pain.

5. Milk causes aggravation in back pain.

  1. True
  2. False

Answer – B: False

Milk is definitely a rich source of calcium which the body requires for keeping the bones stronger and making the muscles healthier. It is important to make sure that the body gets an adequate amount of calcium for alleviating as well as preventing back pain. You should aim to drink milk on a regular basis, and in case it appears distasteful, you can add some cardamom powder and honey to it. You can take milk regularly even when the back pain has subsided.

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